Bonding Advice

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Be Patient

Bonding with your glider will take time and patience.

When you bring your glider home, he/she may be scared. Give your new baby some time to adjust to their new home, explore, or even just stay in their sleeping pouch. Giving your glider a dim, quiet area to relax will help greatly.

Speak to your glider gently, let them get used to your voice. In time, your glider will be ready for more interaction. You are building trust. Give your glider treats, so they associate you with positivity.

Bonding Pouches

Once your glider has had some time to relax and become accustomed to you, a bonding pouch will allow your glider to feel right at home, while getting used to your scent and voice.

Bonding pouches can be worn around your neck, to easily carry your suggie. The mesh front will allow them to breathe, hear and get used to your scent. The top is zippered, so you don't have to worry about your baby escaping and getting hurt.

Use the bonding pouch often, when it is safe. This will speed along the bonding process.

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Enjoy Your Time Together

Every glider is different, so the bonding process will take more time with some than others. Enjoy this process, and know that each step, each day you are building a close relationship with your adorable friend.

Please keep in mind, sugar gliders are very energetic, and most of them won't snuggle for long periods of time, but they will love to be close to you.

You become their family!

And it's worth every moment!