Glider Guide


Sugar Gliders make excellent pets! They can be trained and have intelligence levels similar to a dog. Sugar gliders are very clean animals and bathe themselves. They can bond very closely with their owners and can be affectionate. Sugar gliders are high energy fuzzies that love to explore!


Sugar gliders are very smart, and respond well to treat rewards. They can learn to come when you call them. When bonded to you, they prefer to be close to you. Sugar gliders, once bonded and fully-trained, can even go out in public with you, ride around in your pocket or travel on your shoulder!


Sugar gliders get their name from their preference for sugary foods. While it can be fun to give your babies "sweets", it is important for them to have a combination of fruits, veggies and proteins. There are many diets out there, and gliders are picky eaters. Some foods, such as onion and garlic can be toxic to gliders, so it is important to read ingredient lists and to provide fresh self-prepared options whenever possible. Please refer to our safe foods guide for more information.

We offer special glider food pellets, and an assortment of glider safe and glider preferred treats!

Sugar Glider Behavior

Sugar gliders are naturally nocturnal, jumpy, bouncy and energetic marsupials. Sugar gliders are colony animals and love their family. If you put in the time with your glider, you will quickly become their family member. They can nip and bite when scared or angry, but they are not notoriously vicious or aggressive.

Do's and Don'ts

DO spend time with your glider. The more time you spend with them, the faster they can bond with you.

DON'T be afraid if they nip at or bite you. They may be afraid too, just give them a little space for a bit and try again gently, later.

DO be patient. Bonding takes time. It could happen quickly, or it could take months. Just don't give up!

DON'T yell at, throw, hit, push or toss your glider. Not only is it not appropriate to hurt an animal, but this can also erase any trust you have built.