Food pellets are a good option to keep in the cage, for your glider to munch on throughout the day. Fresh fruits and veggies spoil and should not be left in for long periods.


A safe place for your glider to sleep and play is essential. Gliders prefer lots of room to jump and explore! We offer a variety of sizes and color options.


Treats are a way to reward your glider during training, to calm them when anxious, or to simply  show them a little love! Treats are great in moderation and should not be used as your gliders' only food.


Sleeping pouches offer a safe, cozy place for your glider to sleep. Bonding pouches allow you to carry your glider with you, so he/she can get used to your scent and voice. Both types of pouches come in any color or style imaginable!


Wheels are a great form of exercise, but not every wheel is safe. It's important to have a wheel that protects your gliders from harm. The wrong type of wheel can seriously harm, or cause death, to a glider. We can help you find the right one.

Water Bottles

Water bottles are highly recommended. Standing water in bowls can get contaminated or spilled. Sugar gliders can not swim, so deep water  poses a threat of drowning. Water bottles are a safer, cleaner option.


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