New Additions!


We have 3 beautiful all white females, who are eager

to meet their new families!

These rare beauties will go fast, so call to make your reservation today!

Keep checking back as exclusive new babies are available all the time. And please keep in mind we always have adorable standard grey and white face babies, so come by and see us!

Please contact us at or give us a call for more information or to reserve today!

Reggie Dishman: 423-277-0809

Sylvia Dishman: 423-277-0810



Oh My Goodness! Look at these cuties!

We have two female hedgehogs and one male, ready to go home with their new friends!

Hedgehogs need enclosures with smooth sides and a hiding spot for sleeping. They are nocturnal and very athletic! They prefer warm temperatures (75-85 degrees). Hedgehogs eat a varied diet of insects and pellet, or specially formulated hedgehog food, and the occasional piece of fruit.

They are solitary animals and should be housed separately. Similar to sugar gliders, it is important to be patient an allow them to get used to you. Though not super cuddly, they are fun to watch and can make excellent pets!



Sugar Glider Style!



Standard Grey Sugar Gliders are the ideal image that comes to mind when most people imagine them. Soft grey fur with a black stripe and a white tummy. So cute!

These two precious gliders are where we started! This is Jasper and Jasmine, our babies, our loves. We always have Standard Greys, so please let us know if you are looking for a new addition.




White Face Sugar Gliders lack the signature chin strap of the Standard Grey, giving them a mostly white face. White Face gliders don't have to be white as snow! Their faces and tummies can vary different shades from white to creamy beige.

This little beauty is Leia and is not for sale. But check with us, as we always have White Face gliders!



Mosaic Sugar Gliders come in many different patterns. Some have tiny flashes of white, some have rings on their tails. Some can be mostly grey with some white markings, some can be mostly white with other color markings.

This spunky baby is Rogue and she is not for sale. Mosaic Gliders are a little harder to come by, but we do have them often. So if you're looking for one, please ask if we have any available, or let us know you are looking and we can let you know when we have new babies ready!


Order Sugar Glider Food!

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